Who is a Public Adjuster & Why do I Need to Hire One?

South Florida properties, such as Palm Beach County, are susceptible to a myriad of issues including water and storm damage. Considering how common these issues are, property damage occurs more often than you think. In fact, if you’re a property owner and/or are an occupant of said property, you’ve likely witnessed such damages occur before.

You may have also likely had to deal with your insurance provider as well as a representative sent by them to determine what sort of settlement you’re eligible to receive. And if you’re one of the numerous unfortunates, you’ve received a poor payout and were left with costly repairs.

If this has happened to you, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t hire your own public adjuster. They’re trained to expertly get you the best possible settlement you need and will stop at nothing until your payout is fair. But if you’re not entirely sure what a public adjuster is and if you should hire one, then continue reading below.

When you’re struggling to get the settlement you deserve, Florida public insurance claims adjusters can be there to assist you.

Difference Between an Insurance Adjuster and Public Adjuster

Learning the difference between an insurance adjuster and a public adjuster will help you to understand what the latter is.

Insurance adjusters are those that are sent by your insurance company when property damage occurs. They essentially perform the same responsibilities as a public adjuster: they’ll visit your property, assess the dame, whether it’s fire, smoke, water, flood, storm, weather, mold, storm, or sinkhole damage., and report their findings to their employer. Once their report is filed and reviewed through the claims process, their employer will grant you a settlement.

However, the key difference between them and public adjusters is that the former works for the interest of their employer only. While they may be assessing your property’s damages, they’ll do their best to ensure that you’re not given the best possible payout as their employer doesn’t want to hand out too much money.

A public claims adjuster, though, works entirely for your best interests. They’re hired personally by you for the sole reason that you wish to get a higher settlement from your insurance provider. When they get to work to assess your property damage, they’ll fastidiously look over all facets of the damage dealt, ensuring that every small piece of detail is collected. This is so that they properly negotiate and explain why you settlement should be higher than what the insurance provider has initially offered.

Pros of Hiring a Public Adjuster

There are many pros to using a public adjuster. They include:

Working to Protect Your Best Interests
Because they are hired by you personally, your public claims adjuster is devoted entirely to helping you receive the settlement you deserve, unlike an insurance adjuster, who will only get you a settlement that’s determined by their employer.

Working Tirelessly to Get You The Best Possible Payout
Public adjusters are expert negotiators and their assistance is a near-guarantee that you’ll receive the best possible settlement. They’ll know what to say when they speak with representatives of your insurance provider.

Being Informative
Public adjusters possess a deep knowledge of the claims process. They’ll gladly inform you of any information that you wish to know about concerning their claims service as well as about the process

Being Cost-Effective
Hiring a claims adjuster to assist with your claim will prove to be very cost-effective as you won’t have to pay too much out of pocket for repairs.

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