Fallen tree damage
Fallen tree damage

hurricane ian

Hurricane Ian Public Adjuster

As Florida property owners, we often hope never to need to file an insurance claim. However, when disaster strikes, many depend on their property insurance company to have their back. In the event of a loss, it would be beneficial if your insurance provider would send out their adjuster following notification to thoroughly inspect and adequately value your damage, providing you with prompt compensation. Sadly, here at Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc., we frequently find this not the case. Issues with property insurance claims, such as coverage disputes, technical clauses, and misunderstandings, often arise following a natural disaster. We advise that you contact a public adjuster before your insurance company. As insurance companies are generally for-profit corporations, they frequently use tactics to deny or diminish the value of claims. A public adjuster is a professional hired to represent you and assist in maximizing your claim value. 

Call the experienced public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. to assist you with your Hurricane Ian insurance claim. Storms originating in the tropics can cause severe damage to your property. Florida property owners should not take hurricanes such as Hurricane Ian lightly. When possible, prepare for the storm by being vigilant. If you suspect that your property has been damaged by Hurricane Ian, contact Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. right away. When you need to file a claim, call Pinnacle at 866-974-3725 or contact us online. Our fees for this Hurricane are only 10%. 

Hurricane Damage

Many homeowners and business owners don’t have the knowledge and experience to fully understand the immediate aftermath of a hurricane as it relates to property damage. Property damage issues like food spoilage from power outages, fallen trees, blown roof shingles, exposed roof sheathing, and water entry into a home’s interior leading to microbial development like mold must be addressed right away as a matter of urgency.

An expert public adjuster will correctly address and pinpoint underlying problems that you and your insurance provider might not be aware of. Once some property improvements have been made, it will be challenging to analyze and record many of these problems. However, until they are resolved properly, other structural and non-cosmetic hurricane damage issues will persist. Simply put, this is the reason it is advised to speak with a public adjuster as soon as your claim is filed.

Even though you can employ a public adjuster at any time during the claim, you should contact one right away after any residential or commercial loss before contacting your insurance provider. A public adjuster is a great asset to have on your side from the start of your claim. You may make sure you receive all You can take advantage of the benefits provided by the insurance policy by properly reporting your insurance claim, accurately documenting the damages, and employing tools that can find hidden moisture.

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Florida Public Adjuster

The insured policyholder’s interests are represented by our Florida public adjusters during the preparation, presentation, and resolution of first-party property insurance claims. The insurance company staff and independent claims adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company. Our public adjusters in Florida only work for the insured or policyholder. 

We at Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. want to provide tips to assist you if your home or commercial property has received any damage from Hurricane Ian. Here are a few key things you may do to protect your claim:

  1. Document Your Damage

If your property has become damaged due to Hurricane Ian, take photographs and videos of everything. It is always better to have more evidence than not enough. So use your cell phone and snap away.

Fallen Tree Damage
  1. Do Not Throw Away Damaged Personal Property

If any of your personal property has become damaged due to Ian, do not discard it. Instead, keep all damaged personal property so your insurer may inspect it before discarding it.

  1. Save All Receipts Related to the Storm

Ensure that you hold onto receipts for any purchases you make related to Hurricane Ian. These items may be later reimbursed if covered under your insurance policy.

  1. Review All Paperwork Carefully Before Signing

When working with restoration companies, roofers, and other contractors, be very careful before signing any paperwork. You may be signing important rights away. In addition, many of these companies arrive from out of state, and most do not understand the insurance claims business.

Public Insurance Adjuster

In many cases, after a significant natural disaster, insurers will try to rush through their claims to get them closed quickly. Insurance companies may be facing millions of property damage claims at a time. Due to the large volume of claims, adjusters may rush through their reporting and miss the damage the insurance company should cover. Unfortunately, these circumstances do not benefit you in your time of need. 

An experienced public adjuster will ensure that your property damage is appropriately reported to avoid mistakes. In addition, hiring a public adjuster ensures that you will receive a fair and just settlement for your claim, relieving some of the stress you may have and allowing you to turn your energies and attention to what matters most. Unfortunately, due to the nature of post-storm insurance claims and the sheer volume of claims being submitted to insurers, many claimants will be left to deal with damages on their own for some time. Therefore, it is vital to manage expectations, obtain written approval from your insurer for any decision you make, and ensure that you check the licensing and qualifications of any professional you seek to hire.

Do you need to file a property damage claim due to Hurricane Ian? When you need to file a claim, call Pinnacle first at 866-508-5084 or contact us online. We will contact you ASAP! Our fees for this hurricane are only 10%. If your home or business has been damaged, call Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. for a free inspection. We will assist you in filing your claim and ensure you receive all the benefits you need to recover and get your life back on track. Call us today at 877-70-CLAIM, and a professional public adjuster will come to you to assess your situation. We are here if you need us! 

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