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Palm Springs Public Adjuster

Claim adjusting can be difficult work when it is just you against the insurance company. They will try to make you work with one of their independent adjusters, but these adjusters work for the company… Not for you. So, when you need a Palm Springs claim adjuster, work with Pinnacle Service Adjusters.

Our Palm Springs public adjusters will work on your behalf as a policyholder, rather than for your insurance company. As a policyholder, you deserve the best claim adjusting for your home or business damage, and to be represented fairly to your insurance company. You deserve to work with one of our Palm Springs public adjusters to help you file your claim with your insurance company.

Our Palm Springs public adjusters have experience with all types of damage that can occur to your home or business. Water and mold damage, as well as wind and storm damage occur most often in Florida. Our business handles all type of damage claims from wind and mold, wind and storm, fire and smoke to theft and vandalism d. Our Palm Springs public adjusters can handle any type of home or business damage you have suffered. After all, our Palm Springs public adjusters are some of the best in the business.

Our public adjusters work within the guidelines of your insurance so that your claim can be filed quickly. One of our Palm Springs public adjusters will take a physical inventory of the damage and inspect everything to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our public adjusters will thoroughly review your loss and create a proper valuation of the damage.

Once our team of Palm Beach public adjusters has everything necessary, they will create your claim. Your public adjuster will also develop a comprehensive review of your policy to identify any amount of coverages that may be applicable. They will represent you against your insurance company. In other words, our public adjusters will present and support an itemized claim package to your insurance company.


Our public adjusters will negotiate your claim without any conflict of interest, so that you are compensated the full amount that you deserve in the shortest amount of time possible. We will serve as your advocate at all damage inspections and insurance meetings you must go through when working on your claim.

Pinnacle Service Adjusters has been helping policyholders, like yourself, with claims for their home damage all over Florida. Our Palm Spring public adjusters are some of the best public adjusters in the Sunshine State and have experience in all types of damage claim adjusting. We will always negotiate for the best settlement possible and in the shortest amount of time. Pinnacle Service Adjusters in Palms Springs is ready to help you with all your claim adjusting needs.

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