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Oakland Park Public Adjuster

Insurance is an arrangement in which a company provides guarantee that it will protect a person from financial loss. The financial loss could arise out of damages done to a house, condo or apartment from a fire, flooding, hurricane or theft. The company that is selling the insurance policy is called the insurer whereas the person or another company that is buying the insurance is called the insured or policy holder.

Now, when there is damage to a home, the insurance company or the insurer sends someone to assess the damage in financial terms and find out how much the company needs to pay. This person is appointed by the company itself. It can be one of their own staff members whom they call staff adjusters or someone outside the company called as independent adjusters. He or she assesses the damage and sets the amount that the company is liable to pay the insured. That amount could cover the whole of the loss or it might cover the loss only partially. The insured is at times left wondering whether he or she got a fair deal or not.

Oakland Park public adjusters are professionals who legally represent the insured in a claims case. Right from the get-go, all the documenting, evaluating, and negotiating with the insurance company, Pinnacle Service Adjusters literally takes the burden off the insured shoulders. Public adjusters ensure that there is a fair claim settlement. This helps the person who has suffered a loss to quickly come back to his or her normal work life.

Oakland Park public adjusters help the policy holders recover from all the following damages:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Lightening damage
  • Riots, Vandalism and theft damage
  • Explosion damage
  • Wind and storm damage
  • Water and mold damage

Before you hire a public adjuster, it important to know that the person has a valid license or not. Rules and regulations are different for different states. For example, some states do not permit public adjusters to take cases of health insurance, but Florida public adjusters, such as Pinnacle Service Adjusters, have the legal authority to handle such claims.

In short, the duties perform by public adjusters are as follows:

  • Evaluate damages
  • Determine claim amount
  • Prepare documents that support the claim
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Reach a settlement that is fair to the policyholder

For all the duties performed, the Oakland Park public adjusters charge from 12% to 25% of the settlement amount. The percentage depends upon the amount and type of the insurance claim.

It is important to know at what stage a person should hire an Oakland Park public adjuster. As soon as the insurance company comes to know of the loss, they send their representative to assess the loss. It is better to have a representative of Pinnacle Service Adjusters at this juncture. He or she will help you to answer adequately to the questions of the company’s adjuster. This will add to achieving a fair settlement for your losses and helps you to quickly move on with your life.

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