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Are you a property owner in Lehigh? Have you recently endured property damage due to fire, water, pests, or mold?

Let’s help you get reimbursed for the damage. Pinnacle Claim Services is committed to ensuring that Lehigh residents get the maximum settlement for damages from their insurance companies.

We would be happy to help you. Call (866) 508-5084 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation, which includes a free review of you insurance policy and any claims you may have started or recently filed, as well as a free property inspection. Our goal is to help you maximize the benefits you receive after a devastating disaster.

What Is a Lehigh Public Insurance Adjuster?

When dealing with the aftermath of a property loss, it is common to hear the words “Public Adjuster” being thrown around a lot — particularly concerning your insurance claims. There is a 99% probability that your insurance company has their own “independent adjuster” representing them, and there is an even higher chance that they silently hope you don’t an adjuster of your own.

A public adjuster is your dedicated advocate in an insurance claim. Unlike insurance company representatives and the independent adjusters they hire, a public adjuster is there to represent your own interests during a claim.

At Pinnacle Claim Services, we understand that insurance companies can be a lot to handle alone. On the one hand, you must deal with the psychological effects and trauma of losing your property to fire damage, water damage, or pest invasion. On the other hand, you’re to negotiate your claims with the insurance company.

While this may sound simple to some, it is more challenging than it seems. Indeed, insurance companies owe a duty to reimburse you for insured losses. And this is a duty most trustworthy insurance companies fulfill. In the process, however, they try to limit the extent of their liability, paying out as little as possible while overlooking many key benefits.

Plus, if you are not familiar with insurance jargon and procedures, you will likely get less settlement than you are entitled to — or nothing at all.

For these reasons, you need a Lehigh public Adjuster like Pinnacle Claim Services to shoulder the burden of your insurance claims and handle them with utmost care. We will document the damage, gather evidence, review the fine print of your insurance agreement, and negotiate the best settlement.

We will leave no room to undervalue your losses and allow you to focus on rebuilding your life while we fight for your rights.

Lehigh Is a Great Place to Enjoy Florida’s Natural Beauty

Living in the “Sunshine State” can be like having your own slice of paradise. While the state is known for people flocking in and out to enjoy a glimpse of sunshine and the state’s tourist attractions, those who live here year-round know that the pleasures really never go away. Living in the vibrant yet serene residential area that is Lehigh is no exception.

Nestled in the east-central region of Lee County, Lehigh is a municipal district with an ever-beckoning allure and a rich history.

The area was developed as far back as the mid-1950s by an American businessman and self-made millionaire, Lee Ratner. After losing his pest control business, Ratner, in a bid to secure his earnings and protect them from the high tax rates of that era, decided to venture into the ranching business.

He purchased over 18,000 acres of land in Lee County and tried his hands at ranching.

A while later, the business failed, leading him to search for an alternative. In genuine businessmen style, he resorted to selling lands in Lehigh, partnering with an accountant, an advertising executive, and a businessman.

Despite being subject to several developmental acquisitions in recent years, Lehigh has peaked and is now a charming pre-platted residential community, housing over 124,000 people.

Perils of Owning Property in Lehigh, Florida

Beneath this charming community’s allure, there are unique perils and challenges Lehigh property owners must navigate. Some of these challenges include:


One of the most significant perils is the ever-present threat of hurricanes.

Florida has the second-largest coastline in the United States. Surrounded by warm, tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, hurricanes often ravage the state, and every area within the state feels the effect of these hurricanes to some degree.

Residents of Lehigh have borne the brunt of hurricanes like Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Ernesto, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Ian.

As coastal winds pick up momentum, residents of Florida communities like Lehigh brace for the possibility of destructive winds, torrential rains, and power outages. This period often comes with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty for property owners, as they’re not just worried about the potential impact of the hurricane but also the coverage battle they’ll have to fight with their insurance companies to recoup their losses.


With hurricanes come heavy rainfalls and resulting flooding. Due to its low-lying landscapes and coastlines, Lehigh is particularly susceptible to flooding during intense storm surges.

Property owners often have to contend with water damage ranging from electric shock to damaged assets and a waterlogged house. Hence, an experienced public adjuster like Pinnacle Claim Services must provide expert support and guidance throughout the claims process.

Termite Invasion

Fear of hurricanes and flooding aside, homeowners face the risk of termite invasion. With a yearly temperature range of 54 °F to 91 °F, Lehigh is a conducive environment for termites as they thrive in hot weather.

As a result, these tiny, wood-munching pests can silently wreak havoc on furniture in homes and offices, leaving you with unforeseen repair bills. Owing to the endless risk of these perils and the limited ability to control them, property owners often require the service of an expert property adjuster like Pinnacle Claim Service to lead the journey towards ensuring maximum compensation for their claims.

What Our Lehigh Public Claims Adjusters Do

Now that you know who a public adjuster is, you’re probably wondering what we do at Pinnacle Claim Services. Well, let’s take a look at some of the things our company of public adjusters can do for you.

Handle New Claims

As a policyholder, handling new claims alone can be challenging and disorienting. It’s like navigating fresh waters with a myriad of paperwork, documentation, and unnecessary back and forth with insurance companies.

It is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by the process, which could hamper your ability to negotiate properly.

Deal With Existing Claims

Stuck in the quagmire of an existing insurance claim? Reach out to us, and we’ll be eager to help.

Sometimes, policyholders begin the insurance claims process independently and experience roadblocks before contacting us. We are ready to take up your insurance claims at any stage before the final settlement.

Pinnacle Claim Services brings a fresh perspective to the table. We will go through every detail, review your claim, and highlight missed opportunities that could turn the tide in your favor.

We will ensure that no stone is left unturned and that we present the most compelling arguments on your behalf.

Revive An Earlier Claim

At Pinnacle Claim Services, we are in the business of breathing life into dormant claims. So, if you have an earlier claim that has remained unresolved, please get in touch with us.

We will help navigate the complexities of your claim. Conventional approaches to insurance claims do not bind our team, and, as a result, we adopt dynamic and creative approaches to rebuild and reframe your claim, presenting it in a way that demands attention and a fair resolution.

How We Work

We at Pinnacle Claim Services are committed to pursuing fair compensation for all our clients. When you choose to work with us, you embark on a seamless and transparent journey geared towards ensuring that your insurance company duly compensates you.

Our unwavering dedication to fair settlement and customer satisfaction is evident in our track record and client testimonials.

Want to recover your insurance coverage successfully? Then let’s walk you through the steps:


The first step is a no-obligation consultation, where we assess the uniqueness of your claim. You’ll meet with a skilled professional who can answer questions, ease concerns, and deep dive into your claim’s details. 

Assessment & Documentation

After consultation, we will agree on the earliest convenient date for an assessment. We will take a tour of your property and evaluate the level of damage and the measures you took to mitigate the damage, then, we will review your insurance documents to determine the best possible approach to getting your settlement.

Negotiation With Insurance Company

Next, we will assertively negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get the maximum settlement possible. You can do other activities knowing we have your best interests at heart.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of every move we make concerning your claim.


Once negotiations are over, we ensure you get your settlement and stay ready to assist with any additional needs that may arise.

Work With Pinnacle Claim Services’ Personal Claims Adjusters to Find Out Why Our Reputation Is So Positive

At Pinnacle Claim Services, we are well-versed in handling insurance claims. We have a wealth of experience in the industry, and we are committed to ensuring that you get the best settlement possible.

After experiencing property damage, please reach out to us immediately. Armed with our keen eye for detail and technical expertise, we will carefully examine the damage, peruse through your agreement with the insurance company, and relentlessly advocate to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

When you’re ready for us to help, call (866) 508-5084 or contact us online to schedule your free policy, claim, and property damage evaluation.

Get the Money You Are Entitled to From Your Florida Insurance Claim

Water Damage

Water Damage

When water damage occurs in your home, it is usually caused by a broken plumbing pipe. If not, then the leak may be due to a blockage in one or more of your pipes.

Mold Damage

Mold Damage

If you have mold growing in your home, it needs to be removed without delay, otherwise, it will grow and produce allergens, irritants and even toxic substances.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

A fire can easily cause more damage to your property than you can ever imagine. In addition to the building going up in flames, the raw heat can be overwhelming, as well as the resulting smoke and soot.

Weather Damage

Weather Damage

If your property sustains hurricane or other severe weather damage, it’s crucial to have an expert working in your corner.


Living in South Florida, we are no strangers to natural disasters.


Damage Inspection

Damage Inspection

Insurance Policy Review

Insurance Policy Review

Insurance Claim Review

Insurance Claim Review

Insurance Claim Questions

How can Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. help me?

When disaster strikes, it can be difficult knowing where to turn or who to ask for help. Pinnacle Claim Services’ professional team of Florida public insurance adjusters and support experts are here to assist you throughout every step of your damage claim from emergency services and mitigation through final settlement.

Some of the most common issues people experience with insurance companies after property damage has occurred and a claim has been initiated include: unreasonable delay on the part of the insurance company, inadequate training of the insurance company’s adjusters and adjusters that are “so busy” that your claim gets zero attention and does not progress towards resolution. Additionally, you may not have the appropriate policy with the right type of coverage or limits.

There is no set time period for settling a property damage claim with an insurance company and each claim is different. You could receive a check in a few days or it could be a few weeks. Also, it may take multiple rounds of negotiations and payments for you to be adequately and justly compensated for your claim.

Absolutely not. Some companies do possess better reputations than others and there are some who consistently delay the process unnecessarily. It’s important that you comply with your “duties after the loss” (duty to mitigate etc.) Call us, we can help!

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