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Pinnacle Claim Services is your top choice for all your insurance adjustment needs. For numerous years, we’ve provided public adjusting services across South Florida and continue to provide our superior services at competitive prices. Our services extend to those who desire to make a claim against their insurance companies in the aftermath of damage. Our Hallandale Beach public adjusters will assist in assessing for mold, water, wind, storm, fire, smoke, theft, or vandalism damage.

For you and other homeowners alike, it’s important that you have a safe and good-looking home. Unfortunately, home damage is near-inevitable and can occur at any given point. Your home, for instance, could suffer from the bipolar weather that happens in Hallandale Beach. In a case such as that, you can rely on Pinnacle Claim Services for all your Hallandale Beach public adjuster needs.

Living close to the ocean can come with both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you’re able to experience warm and sunny days at the beach year-round. But one disadvantage – probably the worst – is having to deal with natural disasters that threaten the Florida coastlines. If you live in Hallandale Beach then you’ve become well acquainted with these weather patterns and conditions. The weather can change rapidly and potentially cause serious damage to your home, depending on the time of year. It takes a lot of effort and diligence to maintain the safety and look of your home and the public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services understand that. When damage occurs, let one of our experts assess the scene in Hallandale Beach. Unlike the insurance company’s public adjusters, ours has your best interests in mind when we attempt to get the best possible payout for your home.


Our public adjusters can assist in many ways:

We speak on your behalf to your insurance company. Dealing with your insurance company by yourself can be overwhelming and stressful. Usually, after your home has been damaged, your main focus is on how to plan on repairing what was damaged without trying to deal with the insurance companies. That being said, our professional staff knows how to negotiate with insurance companies and get the best possible payout for your business.

Our public adjusters know how to properly inspect and assess your home so you don’t overlook or miss important details. Our licensed and experienced public adjusters know how to keep an open eye for detail.

We know how to properly document the damage done to your home. Many homeowners may not know how to do this, including yourself. You’ll need to hire a professional solely for this purpose as proper documentation is crucial in allowing you to receive good compensation from your insurance company.
Our public adjusters are skilled at taking accurate repair estimates and they make sure you know what compensation you are entitled to. Without a professional, you could likely file a claim for a lot less than what you deserve.

Finally, hiring one of our public adjusters helps decrease the risk of getting your insurance claim denied. Our professional staff takes all the necessary steps to ensure you qualify for the right amount of compensation. Give Pinnacle Claim Services a call to assess any and all damage that has taken place at your home or residence in Hallandale Beach.


When you’re researching a company, you should always make sure that the Hallandale public adjuster you’re considering is insured. An insured firm means that you’ll be covered in the event that the firm mishandles your insurance claim. If you hire a firm that isn’t insured and they end up mishandling your claim, you might end up receiving a huge loss. You should seek a public adjusting firm that has liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and errors & omissions insurance.


If you ever find yourself in need of a quality insurance adjuster in Hallandale, you can put your absolute trust in the reliable employees of Pinnacle Claim Services.

Here at our firm, we’ve been providing our quality services to numerous residents of Hallandale for many years. And thanks to our Hallandale insurance adjuster services, we’ve been recognized as the greatest public adjusting firm in the entire city.

Pinnacle’s team possesses plentiful experience in handling a wide assortment of claims, including even mold and water damage (two of the most popular claims to occur in Hallandale). When you find yourself needing an industry professional who can handle such claims for you, Pinnacle Claim Services is only a phone call away.


Because South Florida is always surrounded by the ocean, water damage will probably occur from time to time. And when the occasion arises, you can trust that our water damage adjuster services in Hallandale can help you.

Insurance companies will likely send their own adjuster to evaluate the water damage that’s afflicted your property with the intention of not estimating the best repair cost. This is so that they can help their employer save money. And if you find that you’re not receiving a fair settlement for property damage because of such, don’t hesitate at all to call us. Pinnacle Claim Services will send you a personal water damage adjuster in Hallandale to help you in assessing the damage of your property in all of its minor details. This way, you’ll be able to get the best possible settlement that you deserve.

Trust Pinnacle Claim Services for their Hallandale insurance adjuster services.


If you’re in need of the number one public adjusting firm in Hallandale, look no further than Pinnacle Claim Services. Our excellent track record encompasses years of successful service where we’ve gotten our clients the best possible settlement for their insurance claims. We’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. Get a free quote by clicking the button below, or giving us a call at (954) 388-8261 today.

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