Pros and Cons of Hiring a Public Adjuster

man attempting to repair water damage because he did not use a public adjuster for his claim

The average person might look at an initial property damage settlement offer from their insurer and sink with defeat. They may think they are too powerless to ask for more — but not you! Why? Because you’re researching the power of hiring a public adjuster to fight for your best interest.

In the event of severe property damage, you may become familiar with a few types of adjusters. Most commonly, you will deal with insurance adjusters and possibly an independent adjuster, but what about public adjusters? A public adjuster is the only type of adjuster specifically licensed by the state of Florida to represent you.

We want to help you in times where you need us most, in the wake of disasters or events like roof damage. At the same time, we also want you to be able to make an informed decision. Review the most commonly discussed pros and cons of hiring a public adjuster below, and then call us at 877-70-CLAIM or contact us online to schedule a free damage inspection and policy review!

Most Common Pros Of Hiring A Public Adjuster

It is a common practice for property insurance companies to put their pockets before their people, but there are ways to combat adjusters that offer unfair settlements and intimidate the insured to accept.

A public adjuster in Naples and throughout Florida is retained by you, therefore they work for you only, and they have no other objectives like those of a large insurance company wishing to maximize profit.  And, if you ever had any questions about the process you went through before the adjuster or how your insurer is handling your claim currently, you can always ask an adjuster! One of the best pros of these services is the knowledge that comes from the firm representing you.

A public adjuster is also trained to negotiate in this particular field. A single adjuster can handle multiple cases at once while still expanding their knowledge and furthering their expertise. Public adjusters are subject matter experts, meaning that on top of having excellent negotiation skills, they are highly knowledgeable. We have the ability to point out any inconsistencies in how you are being treated by your insurer compared to the language of your policy, and we don’t hesitate to submit objections as necessary to protect you as the client. This representation will also cost you less than hiring an attorney, while still giving you professional leverage to increase your chances of receiving all the benefits you need.

Most Common Cons Of Hiring A Public Adjuster

As with every service, there must be a service fee. A major con that many people take into consideration when hiring a public adjuster is the additional fee that they must pay. This is understandable, as property damage is a stressful situation, and no one wants to dish out extra money right after a major event like that.

That’s why at Pinnacle Claim Services, we work on a contingency basis. This means that we don’t get paid until you do, and if your claim does not result in a settlement, then we take nothing from you! We want our clients to feel comfortable with our services and trust that their best interest is our best interest, so we made our payment policy reflect that goal!

Getting Help From a Public Adjuster

When you call our offices at Pinnacle Claim Services, we will work diligently to assess all of the data from your consultation promptly so that we can prepare to serve you. We will review your policy, estimate the damage inflicted, and determine the scope and cost of repairs, adjusted to your specific area. After this we are ready to meet with the insurance company representatives to negotiate a fair and proper settlement.

While adjusters are not attorneys, they similarly have an expert level understanding of the tactics that an insurance company will use to minimize a settlement. We can represent you in negotiations and help you to seek a proper discharge of your claim.

But when exactly should I contact a public adjuster? The best time to hire a Public adjuster is before you file an insurance claim. The earlier you get the public adjuster involved, the better. Not only do you want to make sure the claim is filed properly you also want to know what to expect so there are no surprises. However, if you’ve already filed a claim and received an offer from your insurance company and the numbers don’t add up when you go over the cost of repairs, then a public adjuster can still help.

And, how much should a public adjuster charge me? Again, this answer varies case by case but is usually somewhere between 5% and 20%, depending on the size of the settlement and the amount of time and work that was dedicated to the claim. Note that, for severe weather events for which the Florida governor has declared a state of emergency, your service fees charged by the adjuster are capped at 10% of the settlement’s value.

To predict the total amount it may cost you, ask one of our adjusters once the data of your case has been assessed in your consultation and inspection.

We Offer Appraisal Support and Mediation Representation

In the state of Florida, if you and your insurer cannot agree on the value of your claim, you may be able to invoke an appraisal clause depending on your insurance policy. You would then find your own independent appraiser, and your insurance company would, too. Once you have your appraisers, you and your insurer will need to agree on a third party known as the “umpire.” After both appraisers have gone back and forth negotiating the value of the claim, if no progress is made, the umpire will ultimately make the final decision.

However, you do have another option, according to Florida Statute 627.7015, which protects Floridians right to a reasonably priced second option that you should be informed of by your insurance company, and if not, most definitely your public adjuster. This second option is a mediation process where a final settlement is negotiated between you and the insurer’s representatives (adjuster), instead of going through an appraisal process where the presented settlement is generally binding.

Public Adjuster Pitfalls You Should Know About

When you do general research about property damage and adjusters online, you may come across a genre of articles expressing a strong disdain for public adjusters, claiming that the business isn’t legitimate. This myth was perpetrated by the victims of shady companies that don’t educate their potential clients about the proper situations in which to contact a public adjuster for assistance, resulting in the client not understanding how an adjuster could benefit other cases.

The representatives at Pinnacle Claim Adjusters understand this problem within the industry and strive to prove loyalty and honorability to all of our clients. That is a major reason that we take such great pride in our 4.9 star rating on google reviews! Check it out for yourself!

“Without staff working diligently, I would have got nothing.” -Matilda Young.

Another hurdle that all potential clients should be made aware of is the additional time that this process will take, leaving you without a settlement to begin rebuilding for a longer period of time. You always have the option to take the initial offer from your insurer, but you may have to manage on a budget lower than you’re comfortable with.

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