How Do Public Adjusters Get Business?

a fallen tree can cause major damage to property

Public adjusters get business primarily through their reputation like Google or Better Business Bureau. Happy clients provide us with repeat business, as they rely on our assistance to help them recover in the wake of a serious disaster and then come back any time they need to deal with insurers. They also frequently provide referrals that help us extend our services to entire families and communities.

We are compensated only when we can help you recover a settlement for your property damage. This arrangement reduces the risk to our customers while motivating us to do everything we can to get you the full benefits promised under your policy.

So whether by earning repeat business and referrals from happy customers or building trust through advertising and online listings, businesses like Pinnacle Claim Services thrive on providing an outstanding, results-driven customer experience!

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Public Adjusters Are Valued Allies in Helping You Move On From Disaster

The public adjusting business exists for the benefit of policyholders whose insurance companies are uncooperative. Our public adjusters can step in when insurers refuse to offer a fair settlement for the damages that your policy covers.

While company adjusters are employed by insurance companies, a public adjuster is employed by you. This means that instead of being trained with measures built by the institution responsible for the costs of your property damage, they answer directly to you.

These services are trusted and respected in Florida because public adjusters are the only adjusters licensed to represent you in securing a fair settlement for any endured property damage. A public adjuster’s credentials also allow them to act as subject matter experts in a court of law, making them highly knowledgeable assets to have as a resource when settling with your insurance company.

During the tragically infamous hurricane season of 2005, which included both hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, insurers who hired a public adjuster were able to secure, on average, a 74% higher settlement than their counterparts who proceeded without representation.

Once you find a public adjusting firm, get to know the people who work around the office; this way, you can get a better understanding of how the office conducts business and if it’s a place where you feel comfortable trusting your claim. You may meet receptionists, associates, administrative personnel, and other employees who welcome you into the office and their environment before you talk with the adjuster. This is a great time for you to get comfortable with the community of people there to serve you. Our team at Pinnacle is always available over the phone to meet you and begin this process.

What Is a Public Adjuster and What Do They Do?

You know that a public adjuster may be able to support you in your fight for a fair property damage settlement, but what exactly are adjusters, and what do they do? These independent insurance professionals are hired by policyholders to settle the claim on their behalf. Adjusters are commonly hired after an initial offer is made to the insured by the insurer, and they cannot accept it because of its low value and inability to cover the cost of the damages. Most policyholders reach out to us right when they begin their claim to make sure their claim is filed properly. They also know that we can help them eke out every bit of benefit from their policy.

When you call the office of Pinnacle Claim Services, our procedure is to review your policy, estimate the damages through an inspection, document all data found, then determine the scope of repairs. Finally, we meet with the insurance company’s representatives to negotiate a fair settlement. Not only can we assist by preparing a fair estimate and presenting it during negotiations, but we can also use vast knowledge of this process to ensure the validity of all documentation and that the client is not being taken advantage of in settlement.

Hiring a Public Adjuster For Home Insurance Claim

Picture this. During a heavy storm that you initially attempted to secure your house from, you notice a leak coming through your ceiling. At that moment, you don’t think much of it but as the storm continues the leak only gets worse. By the time the storm ceases, the water damage is in the ceiling and adjoining walls. In your spare time during the storm, you anticipate the roof leak repair cost and sigh in relief knowing your homeowner’s insurance fully covers this type of property damage.

Unfortunately, as time goes on without cooperation from your insurance company, the water damage turns to mold, but you still feel safe because your insurance covers water damage, mold, and your roof leak! More time passes, and your insurance company refuses to acknowledge that there is mold or even severe damage.

Public adjusters see this type of situation more often than they would like to and are trained to combat manipulation, intimidation, and other tactics that representatives of some insurance companies are notorious for using. For a public adjuster, mold is a very serious concern. While accurate numbers are difficult to secure, insurance companies are estimating that about 10,000 families have been forced out of their homes due to mold reaching inhabitable levels (this number is over a two-year period.)

So, let’s say it is mold. Insurance companies are known for sending a lowball offer to initially open negotiations. If you are shocked by how low they go but don’t know how to ask for thousands more, a public adjuster will give you a trusted estimate. You wouldn’t want a claim as serious as mold going without proper funding and dragged out to manipulate you into accepting.

Top Pros and Cons of Hiring a Public Adjuster

If you want to weigh the benefits to setbacks of hiring a public adjuster, there are a few top ones that every potential client should properly understand! You are entitled to all of the information about the process possible to decide if these services are right for you and your situation.


Public adjusters are trained negotiators with experience and education to back up those skills. You will have a representative who works for you, so when you have questions, there is a trusted resource other than your insurer’s representative (a representative who is only bound to be forthcoming about benefits and other policy details when legally specified). Working with a public adjuster often means that you are walking through the claim procedure more easily and with confidence because you are backed up by a team of professionals who have your best interest in mind.


The con of working with a public adjuster is that they will, as with any service of this nature, take a portion of your settlement.

In Florida, public adjusters are capped at taking 20% of the claim value, which is limited to 10% in any disaster declared as an official state emergency. Often, the percentage charges depend on the amount of time and work that was required for the claim. This is something that you will dive deeper into with a representative once the details of your case are established.

This is also a lengthy process, so there will be more time between you and your settlement money to begin repairs.  You can always take the initial offer from your insurer but will not likely cover the whole expense of the damages.

Find Public Adjusters in Florida

When you’re searching for the right public adjuster in your area, it is important to work with a firm that makes you feel comfortable and confident in the lengthy and complex process without overwhelming you. The professionals know how to accomplish their goals effectively, so a strong claim services firm will ensure they’ve demonstrated that level of professionalism to you.

At Pinnacle Claim Services, we understand how difficult enduring property damage is, so one of our goals with each client has always been to alleviate any stress from the legal process that follows such a stressful event. We serve 20 counties across Florida.

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What Pinnacle Claim Services Can Do For You

Pinnacle Claim Services offers representation for all types of property damage, including burst pipes, leaky roofs, other water/mold damage, fire damage and fire damage cleanup, and various types of weather damage.

With no upfront cost (that’s right: $0!) and our 5-star public adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens and throughout Florida being just minutes away, our three-step process is quick and easy!

  1. Damage Inspection
  2. Insurance Policy Review
  3. Insurance Claim Review

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The staff at Pinnacle Claim Services is highly eager to help you. To prove it, we have 24/7 representatives that you can talk to and begin the process of fighting for a fair settlement.

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