Can I Hire a Public Adjuster After an Insurance Inspection?

a public adjuster examining mold damage in a home

An inspection must be carried out before any settlement can be estimated when you endure severe property damage, whether from extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, or any other unexpected event. This initial inspection is usually to gather the fine details of the damage, estimate what the insurer will need to pay out (before their thorough investigation), and retrieve information or a statement from you. Fortunately, if you are skeptical of the outcome of the inspection, you have another option available: hiring a public adjuster.

However, the inspection findings may not mesh with your own impressions — or reality. If the inspection turns up less damage than you know to exist, it could lead to a homeowner’s insurance settlement that fails to pay for the total cost of repairs. Fortunately, if you are skeptical of the outcome of the inspection, you have another option available: hiring a public adjuster. Public adjusters act as independent insurance claims consultants. Unlike so-called “independent adjusters,” who are hired by the insurance company, a public adjuster works for you.

When you have a public adjuster representing you through a property damage claim, you are more likely to receive an objective, fair estimate that accounts for all damages. Further, you gain an ally who can help you negotiate with insurers and interpret your policy language. In Florida, a public adjuster is the only licensed adjuster to represent you and fight for your fair settlement.

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What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is an independent professional that you can hire to act on your behalf throughout your property damage claim. While public adjusters are not attorneys, they understand the processes involved with insurance claims and the fine details of policy language.

It is very common for a policyholder to hire a public adjuster after being met with a low-value offer that will not cover the cost of repairing the damaged property. Public adjusters in Melbourne and throughout Florida can also be engaged at the onset of the claims process, which can help expedite the process while increasing the chances that a reasonable claim offer will be made.

The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) released a report on public adjusters, noting that settlements using public adjusters for the 2005 hurricanes reached over seven times higher than those without. The same analysis also shows how claims involving public adjusters take longer to settle. The median time frame for a non-catastrophic claim without representation is 41 days, whereas for cases involving a public adjuster is 115.

While, in some cases, engaging a public adjuster after an inspection will lengthen the claims process compared to agreeing to an initial settlement, the chances of a larger settlement are high because of the thorough attention to detail and extreme diligence that public adjusters like Pinnacle Claim Services aim to provide.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster for Home Insurance Claim

A public adjuster can be hired at any point in the claims process, including once an inspection has already been conducted by the insurance company or an independent adjuster.

Many people begin filing their property damage claims without public adjusters, but as we know, those who hire a public adjuster in Florida are more likely to receive high-value compensation. The biggest reason a policyholder may consider hiring a public adjuster is frustration at the insurance company process or a feeling that your inspection failed to document the full extent of damages. These experiences are common because insurance companies know most homeowners have limited to no experience handling claims. They will subtly take advantage of this inexperience, using tactics to convince you that your claim is worth less than its total potential value. In these situations, hiring a public adjuster can simplify the process, provide you with beneficial expertise, and allow you to fully understand how your claim should be valued according to the letter of your policy.

If you are inexperienced with the proceedings of property damage claims, have a hard time negotiating, or simply do not have the time to review every fine detail, a public adjuster can represent you in your claim, fighting for your best interest.  Ask an adjuster to assist you, and they will be able to perform their own damages inspection and a complete policy review.

Finding Public Adjusters

When looking for a public adjuster in your area, it is important to work with a firm that makes the process less stressful, comfortable, and easy to understand without overwhelming the client. The professionals know how to accomplish their goals effectively, so a strong claim services firm will ensure they’ve demonstrated professionalism to you.

At Pinnacle Claim Services, we understand how difficult enduring property damage is, so one of our goals with each client has always been to alleviate any stress from the legal process that follows such a stressful event. We serve 20 counties across Florida.

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