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Those who reside in Fort Lauderdale have been dealing with a slew of broken water and sewage pipes all over the city. It is affecting There were 5 instances in December of 2019, 2 instances in January of 2020, and 4 more in February of 2020. You may be experiencing or know others who are directly being affected by the chaos this is causing. The amount of sewage that is spilling into the city’s waterways and streets is astounding. It has caused a city-wide boil water order numerous times and is causing drainage problems and mass flooding in those areas. The estimated amount of toxic sewage that has escaped is over 200 million gallons.

Clean-Up & Repair

Crews are using tankers and vacuum trucks in order to remove the sewage as fast as possible. Once that is complete, other crews will begin excavation work to find the problem and replace the damaged pipe. The pipes that are braking are the 14-inch variety and are currently being replaced with a 16-inch bypass pipe above ground. None the less, these bypass pipes are lining city streets and will take months to replace them. Pipes can leak or rupture for a variety of reasons. The age of the pipe plays a big part as does added pressure, or a bad valve that is corroded from saltwater. The fear is that these will continue to happen until the pipes have all been replaced.

Affects From Broken Pipes

Many home and business owners have experienced mass flooding and property damage due to these broken water and sewage pipes. Not to mention, the smell from the remnants it leaves behind. These broken pipes have also lead to multiple city-wide boil water notices before people consume, brush their teeth or wash their clothes. If your property has experienced any damage associated with these broken pipes in Fort Lauderdale, trust in the experts at Pinnacle Claim Services for all your insurance claim needs.

The dedicated public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services understand your issues. Let the experts assess any damage that has occurred to your home or business in Fort Lauderdale and rest assured that they have your best interests in mind.


Pinnacle Claim Services is your top choice for all your insurance adjustment needs. We have been providing public adjuster services across South Florida for many years and will continue to provide superior services at competitive prices. We extend our services to people who want to make a claim against their insurance companies in the wake of damage occurring. We also assist with assessing for water and mold damage, wind and storm damage, fire and smoke damage, and theft or vandalism damage.

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