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Personal Claims Adjusters vs Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

It seems unnecessary, at first, to hire personal claims adjusters. Insurance companies have their own and they can send them out to assess the damage of your home for you. And after assessment, you’ll still likely end up with a good settlement to pay for repairs. But truth be told, there’s actually a good reason for hiring a personal claims adjuster.

While an insurance company’s claims adjuster will assess the damage, they ultimately work to protect the interests of their employer. And as a result, your settlement may not be enough to help repair your home. If you’re uncertain of the added benefits that come from a personal claims adjuster, then continue reading below to see what makes them different from the insurance company’s.

The Ultimate Difference Between a Personal Claims Adjuster & an Insurance Claims Adjuster

The biggest difference between a personal claims adjuster and the one sent by the insurance company is that the latter works only for the interests of their employer. And because of this, they don’t take into consideration your current financial situation as well as other factors.

Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

The claims adjuster sent by the insurance company doesn’t work to protect your best interests. They work to protect their employer’s interests. Insurance companies will find any reason to save money for their work. And so they’ll send an expert of their own to assess your home’s damage and determine a decent payout. The claims adjuster they send will assess all damage, but they may not write up accurate repair estimates. As a result, the settlement you receive is insufficient enough to pay for most or all repairs.

Personal Claims Adjusters

Florida Personal claims adjusters might end up being the optimal choice when it comes to receiving the best possible settlement. When you hire a claims adjuster separate from the insurance company, they’ll likely be able to get you more out of your settlement. Personal claims adjusters work hard to keep your best interests protected. Because they’re typically paid a percentage of what your settlement is worth, they always strive for you to get the best possible payout.

Talking to your insurance company can be a hassle to deal with. You can attempt to get a better payout but odds are, you might not know what to talk about exactly. Personal claims adjusters, such as the ones at Pinnacle Claim Services, are well-versed in insurance terminology and are experienced negotiators. They’ll know how to talk to your insurance company and they’ll be able to get you the best possible settlement.

On top of that, personal claims adjusters in Palm Beach Gardens and throughout the state of Florida can take accurate estimates on all damage that has occurred to your property. They keep a keen eye out on all factors that can benefit you and they can let you know what you should deserve when it comes to your settlement.

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