How To Prevent Your Christmas Tree From Catching Fire

The holidays are right around the corner. If you celebrate Christmas, then it’s about that time to put up the tree! There are many factors to consider when picking a tree and putting it up. For example, you’ll want to get a trustworthy stand that can hold the weight of the tree and keep it standing straight.

Other things to think about are tree fires. Unfortunately, fires are all too common around this time of the year. Those are the calls we don’t want from you this holiday season.

Christmas tree safety is a big deal to avoid a holiday disaster. Pinnacle Claim Services Inc. has put together some tips on how to prevent your Christmas tree from catching fire.

Christmas Tree Fire Prevention Tips

Minimizing the chances of a Christmas tree fire is possible to do if you follow our Christmas tree safety tips below!

Tip #1 Pick a Fresh Looking Tree

Fresh trees are less likely to cause a Christmas fire, so looking for one with green needles is the best option. Trees with brown needles are a definite Christmas tree fire hazard.

Signs of a fresh tree:

  • Green needles
  • Soft and flexible needles
  • Needles that don’t fall off easily
  • Fresh Pine needles should bend, not break
  • Fresh Fir needles should crisply snap

Remember that it is important to inspect your tree’s foliage before purchasing.

Tip #2 Keep the Tree Hydrated

Just because you bought a fresh, hydrated tree does not mean it will stay that way. Constant moisture is a big factor in preventing disaster. It is known that dry Christmas trees burn faster than newspapers once ignited. Medium to large trees can drink up to a gallon of water a day. When setting up your stand, make sure there is enough water for the tree to stay hydrated and that you frequently check the water level and refill when needed.

Tip #3 Keep Away From Heat

Trees should be at least three or more feet away from any heat sources, fireplaces, heaters, radiators, or similar items. It is also important not to leave the Christmas lights powered on for long periods of time. LED lights can overheat, and if the tree is dry, this could cause a Christmas fire.

Tip #4 Shake the Tree

Shaking your tree will show you if your tree is getting enough water or not. When you shake it, if a lot of needles fall off, then it is a sign that your tree is getting dry.

Tip #5 Get Rid of the Tree Sooner Rather Than Later After the Holidays

Some people leave their trees up for a while after the holidays but tend to forget about it. They may not water it as much as it needs, and it could dry up quickly. It is common to see Christmas tree fires in January after the tree has gotten dryer and more flammable.

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