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Finding the right claims adjuster for your insurance loss can be tough. If you’re looking for a public adjuster in West Palm Beach, look no further than Pinnacle Claim Services. We’re the top public adjusting firm in West Palm Beach and the rest of Palm Beach County. We are ready to help you with your insurance claim, whether it’s water, mold, fire, smoke, wind, storm damage, or even vandalism and theft damage, Pinnacle Service Adjusters is here to help. Policyholders can rest assured that their claim adjusting experience is in good hands with Pinnacle Service Adjusters’ West Palm Beach professionals.

Why Hire A Personal West Palm Beach Public Adjuster?

If you feel that – despite the significant amount of damage that took place on your property – you’ve received a poor settlement, then you should consider hiring a personal public adjuster in West Palm Beach. Because a personal public adjuster is hired solely by you for your claims case, you can relax as they’ll work to get you the best possible payout.

When your insurance provider sends their own pubic adjuster, they only keep their employer’s needs in mind. And although they may appear to be assessing your damage properly, it might not actually be done at its fullest potential. The insurance company’s public adjuster might not jot down the correct repair estimates when they’re presented to your insurance company. And even when they’re shown to your insurance company, they might determine to give you less than what was shown to you initially. And in the end, you’re just given a settlement that’s much lower than what you expected.

Receiving a low payout is aggravating, but it’s even more frustrating because you end up having to pay more out of your own pocket.

But there’s nothing to worry about; if your settlement is too low, you’ll find that a personal public adjuster can help you. And when you have one of our own public adjusters there to help you, they’ll work closely with you to do everything they can to have your needs fulfilled.

Pinnacle’s public adjusters are among the most experienced in the claims industry. Not only are they licensed, but they’re also trained to assess and document every single piece of important detail, no matter how big or minor it seems. With Pinnacles Claim Services, we promise you that we won’t stop working to get you the best possible settlement for your insurance claim.

What Types Of Insurance Claims Does Pinnacle Assist Clients With?

When you browse through our company reviews, you’ll find that Pinnacle has appeased countless clients. You’ll also see that we have countless hands-on experiences in handling property damage claims of all sorts, including roofs, water, mold, weather, fire, and much more.

Pinnacle’s team of expert public adjusters are robustly informed and knowledgeable about home damage insurance claims because they’ve handled so many of them. Moreover, other than possessing the right tools and knowledge to properly execute damage assessment, they’re also very skilled in negotiation. They’re so skilled, in fact, that they’ll like make a reasonable agreement with your insurance provider that will benefit you significantly.

Whether your home damage is small or of a large scale, you can trust that Pinnacle Claim services will be there to help you in any way we can.

How To Choose The Right Public Adjuster?

When the payout given to you by your insurance provider isn’t enough, then you should choose to hire a personal public adjuster. “But how can I look for one?”, you might be asking yourself.

Searching for a good public adjusting firm can be a chore in and of itself, especially because there are countless firms to choose from. And even though you might’ve found a good firm, you’re still left asking yourself if they’re even good enough?

We here at Pinnacle Claim Services understand how difficult it is to recognize which firm is the best choice. This is why we have a simple guide below for you to follow in terms of researching for the right firm.

Deciding On The Right Public Adjuster

For any public adjuster you’re considering hiring, it’s vital that you do the necessary research on them as well as perform background checks. The first thing you should find out about the public adjusting firm is if they’re licensed. And you can check that by visiting the Insurance Department of Florida online. The online database will show if a firm is licensed as well as show how long they’ve had the license for, indicating how experienced they are.

It’s also important that you look up reviews as they’ll give you insight into how well a firm has treated past clients.

Is The Public Adjuster Insured?

Always make sure that the firm you intend on hiring is insured. This way, you’ll be covered just in case the public adjusting firm mishandles your insurance claim. Hiring a firm that isn’t insured and mishandling your claim may lead to a major loss. The firm you hire should have workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and errors and omissions insurance.

Is The Public Adjuster Qualified & Experienced?

Hiring an experienced public adjuster means you have more of a chance of getting the best possible settlement for your property damage insurance claim.

Your public adjuster should be well-versed and have a deep understanding of the legal procedures and terms that revolve around the insurance claim adjustment process. They should also be constantly aware of the changes and trends that occur in their professional field.

Our Pinnacle Claim Services Public Adjusters have all these traits and have served countless clients in helping them get a good payout out of their insurance claims.

Learn More About The Firm Itself

Just because you’ve found the biggest public adjusting firm doesn’t mean you’ve found the best public adjusting firm. The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a public adjusting firm is that the firm has the right experience in properly managing your West Palm Beach insurance claim. Your firm should also keep open communication between themselves and you, the client, as you’ll want to be aware of changes that occur in your insurance claim.

Ask Your West Palm Beach Public Adjuster For References

A confident public adjuster should be willing to provide you with a list of references supplied by past clients. When asking for references, specifically ask for references by those who have faced the same situation as you have. For instance, if you’re looking for a settlement on your fire damage claim, ask the firm for a fire damage claim reference.

How Much Does The Public Adjuster Charge?

This is among the most important questions you should ask yourself when looking for a public adjuster. While you should be seeking affordability, don’t outright hire a firm that offers its services at a low price. A low price typically equates to unsatisfying results and you don’t want that from a public adjusting firm. Always be on the lookout for a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster that provides excellent service paired with amazing value, like Pinnacle Claim Services.

Choose Pinnacle Claim Services As Your West Palm Beach Public Adjuster Of Choice

If you’re looking for the number one public adjusting firm in West Palm Beach, look no further than Pinnacle Claim Services. By successfully getting countless clients the best possible settlement for their claim, we’ve acquired the experience to help just about anybody. We’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. Get a free quote by clicking the button below, or giving us a call at (954) 388-8261 today.

Get the Money You Are Entitled to From Your Insurance Claim

Water Damage

Water Damage

When water damage occurs in your home, it is usually caused by a broken plumbing pipe. If not, then the leak may be due to a blockage in one or more of your pipes.

Mold Damage

Mold Damage

If you have mold growing in your home, it needs to be removed without delay, otherwise, it will grow and produce allergens, irritants and even toxic substances.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

A fire can easily cause more damage to your property than you can ever imagine. In addition to the building going up in flames, the raw heat can be overwhelming, as well as the resulting smoke and soot.

Weather Damage

Weather Damage

If your property sustains hurricane or other severe weather damage, it’s crucial to have an expert working in your corner.


Living in South Florida, we are no strangers to natural disasters.



Damage Inspection

Damage Inspection


Insurance Policy Review

Insurance Policy Review


Insurance Claim Review

Insurance Claim Review

General Questions

How can Pinnacle Claim Services, Inc. help me?

When disaster strikes, it can be difficult knowing where to turn or who to ask for help. Pinnacle Claim Services’ professional team of public insurance adjusters and support experts are here to assist you throughout every step of your damage claim from emergency services and mitigation through final settlement.

Some of the most common issues people experience with insurance companies after property damage has occurred and a claim has been initiated include: unreasonable delay on the part of the insurance company, inadequate training of the insurance company’s adjusters and adjusters that are “so busy” that your claim gets zero attention and does not progress towards resolution. Additionally, you may not have the appropriate policy with the right type of coverage or limits.

There is no set time period for settling a property damage claim with an insurance company and each claim is different. You could receive a check in a few days or it could be a few weeks. Also, it may take multiple rounds of negotiations and payments for you to be adequately and justly compensated for your claim.

Absolutely not. Some companies do possess better reputations than others and there are some who consistently delay the process unnecessarily. It’s important that you comply with your “duties after the loss” (duty to mitigate etc.) Call us, we can help!

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