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Have you experienced property damage at your home or business? Hiring one of our public adjusters will help you ensure you get what you’re entitled to after experiencing any property damage in Palm Beach County. No matter what caused the damage, fire, water, lightning, tropical weather, or anything else; you can count on the professionals at Pinnacle Claim Adjusters to be of assistance in helping you get the most out of your insurance claim. Once you make a claim, your insurance provider will come out and assess the damages. They are there only to represent the interests of the insurance company. That’s where a public adjuster at Pinnacle Claim Services steps in and represents your best interests and ensures you get the most out of your property damage insurance claim in Palm Beach County. Pinnacle Claims Service is the premier South Florida Public Adjuster. Look no further than Pinnacle Claim Services when your Palm Beach County home experiences home damages.


The city of West Palm Beach is located along Florida’s Atlantic East Coast and is known as the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida. West Palm Beach was once known as “Lake Worth Country” back in the late 1870s and 1880s. In 1894, there was a meeting held at the “Calaboose” which was the first jail and police station. It was located at Clematis St. and Poinsettia, which is known today as Dixie Hwy. The motion passed to incorporate the Town of West Palm Beach in what was then known as Dade County. This made West Palm Beach the first incorporated municipality in South Florida and in Dade County.

Like the rest of South Florida, homes in West Palm Beach can easily be damaged by all elements. Seasonal heavy rains, tropical weather, and more can all threaten the structural integrity of your home. That is why the good folks at Pinnacle Claim Services have you covered in the event that property damage occurs at your West Palm Beach home. Just know a public adjuster in Palm Beach County is here to fight for you.


The village of Wellington is known for its hosting equestrian events and is home to a large equestrian community. It also plays host during the months of January to April to the Winter Equestrian Festival, which is the largest and longest-running horse show in the world.

Owning a home or business near the east coast of Florida can be risky. If your Wellington home has experienced any property damage, you can trust Pinnacle Claim Services to assist you with fixing your property. Our Wellington public adjusters will find the right people to fix the issues with your property and help you get what you’re entitled to from your insurance provider. We have an extensive network of connections to ensure you get the best possible service when the unexpected occurs to your property in Wellington.


The village of Royal Palm Beach is located in southeast Florida and part of Palm Beach County. It is known for its many parks and mission to protect and preserve a 25 acre stretch of land for bird watching and nature park.

Just as we have designated land to protect nature, living in Royal Palm Beach can be exposed to some of the same elements that affect others along the coast. When damage occurs to your Royal Palm Beach home or business, you need to have a company you can trust to help you repair the damages and ensure that your insurance claim is handled properly. Pinnacle Claim Services would love to be your Palm Beach County public adjuster when you encounter damage.


Riviera Beach is also located along Florida’s East Atlantic Coast and is home to the Port of Palm Beach which is the fourth-busiest container port in Florida. All shipments of Cruzan Rum that come from St. Croix through the port are all bottled and distributed from here.

With a large number of businesses and property owners located along the water, they are more likely to experience water damage. Especially when tropical weather and large storms roll through the area. If your Riviera home or business has experienced any kind of property damage, Pinnacle Claim Services can assist you in repairing the damage and getting you the correct amount of money you’re entitled to from your insurance company.


North Palm Beach is listed as an incorporated village in Palm Beach County and home to the only state park in Florida, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. It is also home to legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus’s Signature golf course at The North Palm Beach Country Club.

Most disasters strike without warning, making them largely unavoidable. For example, most people in Palm Beach County do not plan for their home or business to experience a fire. That’s why having a public adjuster in Palm Beach County is crucial to help you deal with these kinds of disasters. If you need a company to assist you with property damage claims in North Palm Beach, look no further than the public adjusters with Pinnacle Claim Services.


The city of Lantana was named after its abundance of the flower, the lantana flower. It is also part of Florida’s history with the legend of the “Barefoot Mailman” and how Lantana was an important stop along the famous mail carrier’s ocean route during the early pioneer days of Palm Beach County.

Our Lantana public adjusters are prepared to ensure that you are treated fairly and recover the maximum settlement possible for your property damage loss. Don’t go through the property damage claims process alone. Let Pinnacle Claim Services be your Lantana public adjuster of choice.


Lake Worth was named after the body of water that is located along its eastern border known as the Lake Worth Lagoon. The name hails from General William J. Worth who helped lead United States forces past

With so many businesses and homes alike located along the waterways of Lake Worth, having to deal with the insurance claims process without a public adjuster on your side is only going to hurt you in the long run. Unless you have experience in dealing with home insurance providers, the insurance company is going to pay you less than what you are owed. Here at Pinnacle Claim Services, we are experienced public adjusters in Palm Beach County and can assist you in making sure that your property damage claim in Lake Worth is fairly paid and in a timely manner.


Jupiter, FL is located in Palm Beach County along Florida’s Atlantic Coast and it has a unique geographical location because it sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean further than any other point. Therefore, ships have considered it an important stop when sailing to Central and South America since 1550. Many of the earliest New World explorers once passed by due to the historic Jupiter Lighthouse. It is also one of the area’s top attractions.

Typically, homes in Jupiter experience all sorts of elements. Fire and smoke damage, theft damage, water and mold damage, and damage from leaking or burst pipes. If your Jupiter home or business has experienced any of these damages, Pinnacle Claim Services can be of assistance. After you call your insurance provider, make us your very next call. Our Palm Beach County public adjuster will deal with your insurance provider directly to ensure you get the most out of your home property damage insurance claim.


Residents of Greenacres City in 1945 had gathered 125 signatures and petitioned to abolish the city entirely. Once the mayor Charles A. Grabowski discovered that many of the people who signed the petition did not own land and started the movement out of spite when they were denied a homestead exemption. It wasn’t until 1947 that Greenacres City was reincorporated. Greenacres used to be known as Greenacres City from 1926 up until 1990 when voters decided to drop the word city from the name.

Responsible homeowners in Palm Beach County know that having a public adjuster on their side is necessary when any damages occur to the home or business. When these damages occur, you as a Greenacres property owner must act fast to have all of the damages recorded to initiate the repair process. Pinnacle Claim Services can lend you a helping hand throughout this process when property damage occurs to your Greenacres home or business.


The land that we now call Delray Beach used to lye within Dade County prior to 1909. Once Palm Beach County was carved out of the northern portion of the region, both Dade County and Palm Beach County contributed equal portions of land to create what is now Broward County. This left Delray Beach located within the southeastern portion of Palm Beach County.

Once home and business owners have a public adjuster they can trust, it’s an easy transition when damage occurs. Pinnacle Claim Services provides knowledge and insight on how to talk to insurance companies on your behalf. Just know you have a public adjuster in Delray Beach who you can trust when it comes to handling insurance claims.


Boynton Beach gets its name from former Civil War major Nathan S. Boynton. He was so impressed with its year-round beauty he returned a year later with colonists to help construct the Boynton Beach Hotel. This served as a summer home for his family to stay in during the summer months. Up until the end of World War Two, Boynton Beach remained an unknown tropical paradise known for its perfect weather and delicious produce.

Since Boynton Beach is also home to many homes and businesses, water damage can be an obstacle that is unavoidable. If there is any kind of water damage, there may be mold damage that follows. We here at Pinnacle Claim Services want you to know we have you covered. Our public adjusters in Palm Beach County are well versed in these areas of dealing with insurance claims and always have your best interest in mind.


How Boca Raton received its name is interesting, to say the least. “Boca” is a nautical term that means inlet and the original name given was “Boca de Ratones”. The name appeared on maps into the eighteenth century but was associated with a different area altogether. The Biscayne Bay area is where the name Boca Raton originates and it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that the name was moved north by mistake. “Raton” comes from the Spanish word Ratones and translates to the stony ground at the bottom of a coastal outlet. “Boca Raton” means a shallow inlet of sharp-pointed rocks.

All homes and businesses located in Palm Beach County are susceptible to damage at some point. Especially since a lot of businesses and homes are located on or near water in Boca Raton. Dealing with all the elements that can threaten the structural integrity of your home can be a nuisance. In the event that property damage occurs to your Boca Raton home or business, you can trust that a public adjuster from Pinnacle Claim Services will be there to fight for you.


Today, Belle Glade is known for its sugar cane fields, sod farms, and the nickname of “Gateway to Lake Okeechobee”. It was originally established with the name Hillsboro in 1918 because it was located at the head of the Hillsboro Canal. Not until 1928 was it renamed Belle Glade which is short for “Belle of the Glades”.

While so many homes and businesses are located in low-lying areas in Belle Glade, it is important to have insurance coverage for any type of damage that may occur. Dealing with water damage in particular from any type of tropical weather or heavy rains can damper anyone’s mood. Trust in Pinnacle Claim Services to be there every step of the way during your claims process. Our public adjusters in Palm Beach County will handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to talking to the insurance companies and ensuring you receive exactly what you are entitled to.

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