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For all your insurance adjustment needs, Pinnacle Claim Services is the top choice. We’ve provided public adjusting services across South Florida at competitive prices for many years and we continue to prove our superiority. Our service extends to those who want to make a claim against their insurance companies in the aftermath of damage taking place. Our Lantana public adjusters can help assess for any damage involving storm, water, fire, mold, vandalism, and theft-related damage.

For all homeowners, it’s important that their house maintains a safe and physically appealing setting. Unfortunately, however, many homes are vulnerable to damage that can occur at any given moment. And your insurance company may not offer a good payout for your claim. This is why you should hire a professional, expert service such as Pinnacle Claim Services.

Living in a city close to the ocean has both its pros and cons. On one hand, you can enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a sunny day at any time at your convenience. On the other, however, you also have to deal with natural disasters such as tropical storms that threaten your home. If you’ve lived in Lantana long enough, then you’re all too familiar with these weather conditions and patterns. It takes a lot of dedication to protect your home and we here at Pinnacle Claim Services understand that.  Let us assess any damage done to your home or residence and protect your best interests as we speak to your insurance company.


A public adjuster can assist in many ways:

We Speak On Your Behalf to Your Insurance Company. It’s, more often than not, really stressful and overwhelming trying to speak to your insurance company on your own. Usually, when your home is damaged, your main focus will be to plan for repairs all the while trying to avoid the insurance company. When you hire Pinnacle, our expert public adjusters know what to say and they’ll ensure you don’t lose your claim.

We Know How to Properly Inspect and Assess.  Our team of licensed and professional adjusters has a keen eye for detail. Rest assured, when they come to your home, they’ll be able to spot all damages that need repair.

We are Experienced in Proper Documentation. You won’t have to worry about a single detail being overlooked as we document them. Documenting all damage is critical and if they’re not documented properly, you’ll likely not receive the best possible settlement from your insurance company.

We Take Accurate Repair Estimates. We draft up accurate repair estimates so that you’re aware of the compensation you’re entitled to. We give special attention to this area because many property owners end up receiving much less than what they need because the repair estimates weren’t written properly.

You Decrease Your Chance of Getting Your Insurance Claim Denied. Our expert team of public adjusters takes all the necessary steps to ensure you qualify for the proper amount of compensation. Give Pinnacle Claims Adjusters a call to assess any and all damage that has taken place at your home or residence.


The main difference between hiring a personal public adjuster and relying on the insurance company’s adjuster is that the former works solely for your interests. In simpler words, you don’t have to worry about your settlement is less than you expected. Your personal public adjuster aspires to have your needs fulfilled.

The public adjuster sent by the insurance company may not be assessing your damage properly. More so, they may also not be drafting up the correct repair estimates. And when they return to the insurance company and determine a low payout for your damages, you’ll have insufficient funds to pay for repairs. Ultimately, you’re given a settlement that’s far less than what you anticipated and you end up paying more out of pocket just to fix your property.

But don’t fret if your settlement is low. If you find that the payout you received isn’t enough, you can always choose to hire one of our own public adjusters. Our team of professionals can keep an eye out for any and all sorts of damages. They’ll never stop working until you get the best possible settlement for your insurance claim.


Browse through our customer reviews and you’ll notice that we have plentiful experience in handling home damage insurance claims of all types. During our years of operation, Pinnacle Claims Services has dealt with claims involving fire, water, roof, weather, mold, and much more.

Besides carrying the best equipment and being deeply informed about proper damage assessment methods, our team is expertly trained, versatile, and skilled in negotiation. And because of this, we’re more than certain that when we go to speak with your insurance company, we’ll be able to agree on a reasonable settlement that will benefit you significantly.

Whether your home damage is small or of a large scale, you can trust that Pinnacle Claim services will be there to help you in any way we can.


If your settlement is too low to pay for repairs and damages, don’t hesitate in hiring a personal public adjuster. And if you’re unsure of how to look for one, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not as difficult as it seems. In fact, when out looking for the right public adjusting firm, the two most important key factors you need to keep in mind are experience and rates.

As in most cases, the more experience a company has the more likely it’ll provide an effective service. And when it comes to choosing the most experienced public adjusting firm, you’ll increase your chances significantly in achieving the best possible settlement. But besides looking through company reviews, you should meet with a firm and ask them about their references. They should confidently hand these sorts of documents over to you for review. And when you ask them, ask specifically for references by past clients who have faced damages similar to what you’re facing. For instance, if you’re dealing with a fire damage claim, ask the firm for references about clients who have also dealt with fire damage claims.

And finally, don’t simply hire a public adjusting firm if they offer their services at a low rate. While low prices are convenient for your wallet, paying a low price means you’ll likely receive lackluster results. Always be on the lookout for a form that has a reputable work ethic that’s paired with high, yet affordable, value.

Our public adjusters work for you as your personal claim and insurance adjusters. If you do not want to risk your insurance claim getting denied, then contact Pinnacle Claim Services for the best public adjuster services in all of Florida. We are the best of the best.

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