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Pinnacle Claim Services is your top choice for all your insurance adjustment needs. We have been providing public adjuster services across South Florida for years and will continue to provide our superior services at competitive prices. We extend our services to people who want to make a claim against their insurance companies in the wake of damage taking place. Our public adjuster in Jensen Beach assists with assessing for water and mold damage, wind and storm damage, fire and smoke damage, and theft or vandalism damage. 

It is important to homeowners alike that they have a safe and good-looking home. Unfortunately, damage to your home is inevitable and will occur at some point in time. For instance, something unexpected could happen that pertains to the bipolar weather conditions one can experience in Jensen Beach, FL. In these cases, you can count on Pinnacle Claim Services for all your pubic adjuster needs in Jensen Beach. 

There are pros and cons to living in a city located very close to the ocean. One of the pros is that you can experience the joys of warm and sunny days at the beach year-round. The con is having to deal with natural disasters like tropical weather that threaten the Florida coastlines. If you reside in Jensen Beach then you are all too familiar with these weather patterns and conditions. Depending on the time of year, the weather can change rapidly and can cause serious damage to your home. It takes dedication to maintain the safety and look of your home. The dedicated public adjusters at Pinnacle Claim Services understand just that. Let the experts assess any damage that has occurred to your home or residence in Jensen Beach and rest assured that our public adjuster has your best interests in mind.


A public adjuster can assist in many ways:

Public adjusters will speak on your behalf to your insurance company. Dealing with that process by yourself can be overwhelming. Once your home has been damaged, your main focus is usually on how you plan on repairing what was damaged and not dealing with the insurance company. That being said, our public adjusters know how to talk to insurance companies. They know exactly what to talk about and what to say. For instance, if you risk speaking to your insurance company after damage as occurred, there is a pretty good chance you may disagree with them and risk losing your insurance claim. This is where Pinnacle Claim Adjusters steps in.

They can properly inspect and assess your home so you do not overlook or miss any important details. Our licensed and experienced public adjusters know how to keep an open eye for detail.

A public adjuster can properly document the damage that your home has suffered. Your normal homeowner does not possess the necessary knowledge and skills to do this. You will need to hire professionals for solely that purpose. Proper documentation of the damage is crucial and if it is not documented correctly, you may not receive any compensation from your insurance company.

Public adjusters are professionals at taking accurate repair estimates. This ensures you know what compensation you are entitled to. Without a professional public adjuster, there’s a chance you could file a claim for a lot less than what you deserve. Many people have suffered this outcome, but you do not have to follow in their shoes. Contact the professionals of Pinnacle Claim Services for all your insurance appraising needs in Jensen Beach.

By hiring a public adjuster, you decrease the risks of getting your insurance claim denied as they take all the necessary steps to ensure you qualify for the right amount of compensation. Give Pinnacle Claim Services a call to assess any and all damage that has taken place at your home or residence in Jensen Beach.

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